Producer Responsibility Consultancy Services

We specialise in waste packaging, WEEE & battery compliance across all sectors in the UK & Ireland. 

We offer a broad portfolio of producer responsibility services, from specialist advice to full data management. 

We do this because we want to help businesses concentrate on what they do best, whether that's making widgets or selling widgets.  We do this also because we believe in the environmental agenda.

The Irish Pharmacy Union has engaged Leaf Environmental as our waste consultants for over 10 years. We have found them to be extremely knowledgeable, diligent, trustworthy and professional in all our dealings. The information and advice given to us and our members is clear, concise and up to date ensuring our members remain fully compliant with regard to waste regulations.
— Irish Pharmacy Union


Waste Management & Compliance Services

Tailored Compliance Services Overview

Tailored Compliance Services

Compliance First Step

Advice on the best value compliance for your organisation - whether you are a packaging manufacturer, converter, pack-filler, retailer, importer or distributor.


There are a number of routes to compliance. We will brief you with the right information so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

Waste Audits & Professional Guidance

  • Packaging will always be essential to the supply chain; goods need to be protected in transit. Businesses in the UK & Ireland that reach or breach certain packaging, WEEE or battery waste thresholds will trigger obligations under Producer Responsibility legislation in all the jurisdictions that they operate within. The burden is placed on the producer (or handler) of waste with a view to minimising the environmental impact.
  • Our job is to interpret the legislation where it is relevant to your business and work with you to minimise your obligations. We can do this by conducting waste and environmental audits on your operations and/or assessing the data you provide against current legislation. We will help you make the best decisions for your business. It's not just about numbers however, it can be about systems and work flow - we help businesses understand their options from an environmental perspective and can often help introduce new ideas into their supply chain strategies.

Sector-based Strategies

  • We work cross-sector with business throughout the UK and Ireland, from SMEs to multi-national corporates. Irrespective of size or industry, our dual aims are always compliance and value; compliance means staying within the law, value is measured in efficiency, fair fees and minimising obligations.

Repak, Local Authorities, UK Compliance Schemes & Self-compliance

  • Repak is Ireland’s only state-approved packaging compliance scheme; however, there are other ways to fulfill your obligations; as a self-complier via local authorities. In the UK there are a number of schemes to choose from; the Leaf Group operates two.
  • We provide the best unbiased advice on the commercial route to compliance for your business and sector because it makes no difference to us how you do it - our job is simply to make sure that you do it correctly and for the best value. Significantly, we have never failed an audit.
Compliance Applications and Admin

Packaging, WEEE & Battery registration, management plans and reporting. 

Compliance Applications, Logistics & Admin

  • We prepare, collate and submit applications to the relevant regulators on behalf of our clients. We can take over the registration of your business with the appropriate agency so that your business becomes and remain compliant based on the data that you submit to us.  We can offer advice and ideas on the best way to move your waste or control take back. 
  • Leaf Environmental is equipped to take over as little or as much of your packaging responsibilities administrative burden as you wish. A complete outsource strategy will often be the most time and cost efficient way to fulfil your obligations.
Data Management WEEE Packaging Battery

Respected practitioner in the sphere. Secure servers and data storage.

Data Management for Packaging, WEEE & Battery compliance

  • Data management is at the core of our service. Leaf will collate your data and take over the legal responsibility for registration and submission. We have well-tested systems for the most efficient methods of collecting and organising data. We can also develop strategies unique to your organisation and work flow. Your confidential information is subject to non-disclosure agreements and is securely stored on the Leaf Group servers.
  • Leaf Environmental has been a practitioner in the WEEE sphere since the inception of the Regulations and has excellent relations with the WEEE schemes and the Producer Register Limited in Ireland alongside BIS and Defra in the UK.
Consultancy Schemes PRNs

Independent and specialist producer responsibility advice from experienced compliance experts.

Consultancy, Schemes, & PRN Brokering

  • As a consultancy we can help you evaluate your position and make the best decisions for your business. Direct registration and self-compliance may suit your needs better than joining a scheme, but you need to be informed in order to make that decision. In Ireland you can join Repak or register through your local authority; in the UK there are a range of compliance schemes to choose from. As well as operating our own schemes we work with other schemes on behalf of our members. We can provide you with all the information you need to choose your best route to compliance.

Packaging Recovery Notes

  • You might need to acquire Packaging Recovery Notes (PRN) as evidence of packaging waste recovery in the UK. The price of PRNs fluctuate much in the way stocks do and you'll need a skilled broker who understands the market and knows where and when to buy. We monitor the commodities market to gauge the best time to buy for our clients and have excellent relationships with a number of suppliers and independent brokers.
Retainer Services Trade Associations

Retainer Services & Trade Associations

  • Individual producers and member based schemes retain our services because they value the access to our experience and knowledge whenever they need it. Similarly we provide project-based consultancy services and operate in an advisory capacity for trade associations.
Research Circular Economy Extended Producer Responsibility

Research, Circular Economy & EPR

  • Our involvement at policy level ensures that the advice we give is current and informed. Our presence also gives a voice to the issues that concern our clients. We undertake industry-commissioned research projects and have a particular interest in sustainability and the EU-wide Circular Economy package along with the implications for Extended Producer Responsibility.
  • Progressive organisations are embracing EPR and we are working with some of our larger producers on the introduction of innovative sustainability strategies.
Health Safety Food Waste EU Timber Green Dot

Health & safety audits, EU Timber Regulations, Food Waste & the Green Dot.

Adjacent Services

  • Leaf Environmental is a trusted authority in the packaging waste industry. If we don't yet know about a niche area within the industry we have the resources to investigate and report on it. We've worked in areas as diverse EU Timber Regulations (EUTR), the Food Waste Regulations and explored relevant health and safety issues. The costs and benefits of the Green Dot (der Greuner Punkt) strategy are of particular interest to our clients.
  • Because of our experience we are equipped to answer most packaging waste and producer responsibility enquiries. If we don't know we certainly know who to ask.


  • Tailored training services for all aspects of your packaging waste responsibilities.
Leaf Consultancy Services

If you think that your business might reach or breach the thresholds for the packaging, WEEE or battery waste obligations in the UK or Ireland, we can help you make the best decisions for your business. Contact us for advice about how to become and support for remaining compliant.